About Us

During the first ever ‘Make Art That Sells’ course with renowned NY Artists’ Agent, Lilla Rogers in 2013, eight like-minded artists met. From that classroom, a seed of an idea was planted, and watered, and this fantastic little collective instantly sprouted to life. Representing no less than 7 nationalities, and based in 4 countries, America, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

We all have a joint goal to get our art out into the world, with a first big highlight of exhibiting at Surtex, NY in 2014. We decided that if we pooled together our talents and resources, we can reach so much further, and get so much more done than if we were to do it as individuals. From there our goals and plans have spread like ivy, and we are in daily contact with each other across the globe in fertile discussions. We provide each other with a nurturing and supportive environment through shared experiences. Between us we have many years experience in a variety of genres and markets. We are your veritable one-stop-shop, for all your visual expression needs. Whether you want to work with one of us, or on a joint collaboration.

Through a very diplomatic and collective process of decision making, we came to form our name. The idea that 8 tree’s make a forest, that there is strength and unity, and support and growth from being together. The name has three-fold appeal. Enchanted forests hold magic, just like our art. A forest is also representative of the strong sense of environmental responsibility that we feel. Wherever possible, we make sustainable choices that help the future of our planet, and try to limit our carbon footprint.

We look forward immensely to seeing our little collective grow, and blossom and bloom. Oh what delicious artistic fruits we shall bear!

Please contact us here, or through our individual artist pages, if you would like to be nourished from the fruits of our harvest.

With love, Forest Foundry