Katy Tanis
Katy is an illustrator, surface designer and wildlife conservationist. She loves discovering beautiful things and finding inspiration in unexpected places. When she is not working on one of her too many creative projects she enjoys rollerblading to musicals, pretending she can surf and watching Disney movies. Katy has traveled around the globe to work with creatures that have lost their homes to rainforest destruction. Her most memorable trip was to Malaysian Borneo working with orphaned orangutans. She also works regularly with the Red Panda Network who is based in San Francisco, where she currently resides.

Daughter Earth ties together Katy’s passion for illustration, color and conservation. Her work inspires discovery and creates a fun way for people to learn about conservation. Katy has a soft spot for unusual and lesser-known creatures – she loves giving these animals their moment in the spotlight. Katy noticed a long time ago that many conservation organizations try to raise money by making products, but they were products that did not appeal to large consumer base. However, many fashion/home décor companies made very popular designs that featured endangered animals. Daughter Earth is meant to bridge that gap with fashion forward designs that give back to the conservation organizations that protect our precious wildlife. Katy invites you to explore her work and hopes you discover a new creature or renew a love for an old favorite.

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